Preston - BV824 P73 1631

0 The fee'owl Sermon fo it appeares in thy life: we thinke webeleeue thofè things, but our lines doe manifeft the contrary ; namely that there is not apowerfull faith wrought in vs , for all the errours of our liues (though we obferue them not) arife from hence, that thefe principlesare not throughly beleeved : iftheywere, it could not bee , that there fhould bee filch inconveniences in the lines ofthen;Therefore confider ifthis faith be wrought in thee, whether fuch a power hath goneout, toworke fuch a faith,that bath than -_ ged thy whole courfe , as it will doe , ifit.bee once wrought in thee, by thepower of Chrift: fo alfo.confider , whether there bath a vertue gone out from him to worke loue in thy heart to the Lord, for otherwife it is certaine that there is noman in the world that is able to loue God, or to come nèarehim, for all loue rifeth from Similitude, there muff be an agreement & Gmilitude, between thole two that loue: Now :veryman by nature is as contrary to Gods pure nature, as fire is towater, andwithout an almighty power to change his nature, and to workea particular affetionof loue inhim, bee can never bee able to loue God , therefore its the baptifineof the Holy Ghoft; /willbaptize you with the Holy G&oft and withfire, that is, with the Holy Ghoft which is fire : multiply thy frrowes and thy conceptions, That is, the for- rowes ofthy conceptions; Now loue is as fire in the heart, and one fire mu(' beget another; And