Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. And therefore you haue it in the commonpro - verbe, Loue is a thing that cannot be bought with mountaines o fgoldandfilver, yet ifthou be in Chrií , theregoes out a vertue from him, that ftampes vpon thy heart this holy affeFlion,that breedes in thee this holy fire ofloue,fo that thy heart cleaues to him, thou Ioueft himwith as true, and with as genuine, as naturali, and as fenfìble loue, as thou louei`t any friend;as thou loueft anycreature in the world: Confider if this be wrought in theeor no. And fo for thy knowledge;there is altoa power in ir, confider whether any fuch vertue hath gone out from Chrifl, to make the knowledge which thou halt,powerfull. riA You will fay,what is that; is to bring on thefe truthes which thy heart affents vnto, to bring themwith that evidence, and fulneffe of demonftration , that thou (halt yeeld vnto them, & practife them according to thy know- ledge. Beloued, there is much knowledgeamong vs, but whopradifeth according to his know- ledge:' wee knowGod;but weglorifie him not as God, and the reafon is, becaufe therebath. not gone a power with that knowledge, to- make it liuely and effetuall, to palls through all the facultiesof the foule, and to overrule them, for if there were fuch knowledge, it would alwayes draw affection and prance with it. So likewife confider, whether there G hath