Preston - BV824 P73 1631

The fécond Sermon bathgone a power from him to mortifie thy tufts :whofoever is in Chrifi bathcrucified thefefh with the 'a 'eaions and lulls , not to lay them a fleepe onely,but to mortifie and fubdue them. So likewifè whether there bath a power gone out fromChrill,tohelpe thee to overcome the theworld, the lu /Is of thine eyes, the Tufts of the fefh, and the pride of life, for whofoever is in 41 Chrifl overcomes the world, and all that is in the world : The world hath many things to workevpon vs,and to refilland oppofe vs: It bath perfecutions, it bath difgraces, it hath Flanders and reproches,which it calls vpon ho- ly men,andvpon the holy wayes ofGod. And the men that are ac`lours in this, are the devils fa&ours, though-they thinke not foe, as the'A- poflle lames expreffeth it, their tongues arefet on fire ofhell,todevife flanders &falfe reports,and to fallen them vpon holy men, and efpecially vpon the miniflers ofthe Gofpeil, and fo vpon thewayes ofGod, I fay theyarc the devils fa- c`ours, though they thinke not foe and thofe that beleeue them are thedevils receiuers, the one bath thedevill in his tongue, the other in his eare.But the Lord hath appointed this.This is one thingwhereby the world fights againft thewayes ofGod, to difcourage men and to hinder them, that they might be flumbling blockes to them.So it was with Chrifl,hee was the fallingof many in rfraelby reafon of this, fo.was /aulgasa deceiuer,andyet true &L. Cóf der