Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. 43 der ifthou haft this efficacieput into thy heart, that thou art able toovercome this, that thou art able to overcome all theoffences, and per- fecutions, all the (launders and reproaches that arecall vpon the wayes ofGod; andnotwith- (landing that, to thinke well oftheirs , and to walke in th:rn,and pra Life them likewife as it bath thefe things on the-one hand, foe it bath pleafures,preferments,glory,and riches,credit, and all things ofthat nature on the other; art thou ableto overcome all thefe r fo to (hut vp this point andprofecute it no further, thus you (hall know whether you-be in Chrift: for that is the points wee bate a f tirance in him, that ifwee aske any thing,rveefhallbe heard; but firft wemull be inhim,now to knowwhetherwe be in him (as you haue heard) -there mull be an ac`s of ours, and fecondly an aft ofhis, which is this power that goes out from him, to change, take and comprehend vs. Soe much for the firft thing. Now forthe fecond, ifaman will apply or take to himfeife the priviledges we haue by Chriíf, as this particular priviledge of being heard inour prayers,ofcomming to the Sacra - ment,or anyother; know this, that it is not e- nough tobe in Chrill only, but there mull be a certaine qualification, a certaine immediate fafhioning,and preparationofthe heart, or elfe though thou haue a right to thepriviledges, though they belong to thee, yet thou art fu- G z fpended