Preston - BV824 P73 1631

44 The fecond Sermon . fpendéd from thevfe,benefit,&comfort of thé. And this is confidered in thefe 5 things. (I will but name them very. briefely.) Fir(f, when a man comes to receiuc: the Sacrament,it's not e- nough for him tobe in Chrift, no nor when he is come to do foreother duties; but`moreover there. Inuit be this alto, thofe graces-thouhaft, this change, this new creature that is wrought in thee, which is but a heapeofparticular gra- ces, thefe rnuft be agedandfIirredvp vponfilch an occáfïon: It is true, no manought tocore except bee haue the graces of G2ds fpirit wrought in his hcart,t theymaythere in the habits, Ant theymay be in the heart as fire raked in the afhes.But.ifamanwill come to re- ceiue the Sacrament, atld fuffer,thefe habits, thefegraces he math to í eflill there,he comes not as a worthy'receiuer; (,thereare indeedde- grees ofvnworthineffe)he cores not as a wor- thy receiuer except hee flirre them vp, except they be acted at that very time: as for example, we come to receiue the Sacrament, wee ought then tohaue an efpeeiall humiliation and for - rowforour frnnes, wee ought then to haue an efpeciall loue to Iefus Chrifl,we-ought then to haue a fpeciall rejoycing inhim, and in all the priviledges we haue by him, wee ought then tohaue a.fpecialllouc to our brethren, the men with whomwee Lonverfe, and among-whom wee line:, now ifa nian come and receiue,and do not Iliacvpand açt thefegraces3he. receiues vnwor- v z