Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. 45 vnworthily, andmyground for it,is this; you . fee in the feaft of Reconciliation,.the iothdayof the 7 moneth, the Lord tels them there, you Aallcome,andyou'hallkeepe it, andyoufhall not doe rvorke &c.But is this enough.'no,he that doth not atuafly afflicf his f ule(faith he)that day,he fhalbe cut offfrom hù people: Levit. 23. z 7. That is, though they had a habitual' difpofition , and their hearts were prepared to forrow for their finnes, and to take them to heart andbewaile. them,this is not enough,(faith hee)at this time you mu(t'affidyour foules, that is, there muff beaftirring vpofthat forrow:So likewife you finde this in the feafts,inmore places then one, that when they come to keepe the feafts, at that time they shall Bateand drinke,and refresh thetnfeiues,but in anycafe rejoyce Deut. r z ...8r Dcut. 16: I will not ftand to repeate the places, That is,it's not enoughfor youto haue thankful hearts, to hauehearts prepared for the.fe things in the habit, but youmu(t then rejoyce,for it is the feafon ofit (for every thing isgood wit's reafon) and the Lord requires it at filch a time. Therefotethus thinke with thy felfe,whenfoe- ver thou cornett to receiuethe Sacramant, this is the time that the graces that I haue, the ha- bituall graces,muft benew pointed as it were, theymat be newwhetted, andnew feowred, that theymay be bright and shining vpon fuch an occafion, when the -Lord calls for it, . you mull then.quicken them , and iliac themvp, G 3 that Levit. 23., 2.7. 28.29,30.