Preston - BV824 P73 1631

46 TheJecond Sermon that they may be all acted in your hearts. And this is one thing, that it'snot enough for a man to be in Chrift , ro take theprivikedges that belong tohim, but there is a certaine qua- lification required that mutt be done-at that time,when the Covenant is renewed. And this isone,to haue the graces thus aáed. Secondly,there mull be a newReconciliation for the Saints: thofe that are in thecovenant, thofe that are regenerate men,(you mutt marke it well, for it's a point ofmuchvfe) when they commit finnes againft God, the guilt oftheir finnes is retained though they are within the covenant, andare not cut offrom Chrift, but are in him; yet(I fay) when they haue finned, the guilt oftheir finne continues, and is conti- nued till they be reconciled, and renewed by faith and rcpenrance;as you fee it was withDa_ vid:Nathanwould not haue Paidwhen he came to him, Thy finnesareforgiuen thee, if there had not beene a new thing, iftherehad not beene a thingdone at that time; and therefore it inti- mates fomuch,that before it was not forgiuen: that is,theLordwas angry withhim: you muff know therefore this, that when a regenerate man finnes,there is onely aparticular guilt;the vniverfall guilt offinnes returnes not, for that would cut himquite of,that would put him ab- folutely into the ftate of damnation, but it's a particular guilt, for every particularfinne; that is} even as a father is pleafed well withhis fon, and