Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. and knowes him tobe his fonne,hee is affeted to him as to his fonne,yet hee hath done fuch a particular affion that hathoffended him, and for that particular offence,he withdraws him- felfe from him, bee carriesnot himfelfe to him as hee was wont todoe, being offended with him for fuch a fault;now till the fonne hath re- conciled and humbled himfelfe for that par- ticular a&ion, though the father haue an hun- dred gifts tobelowon him, yet hee íhall haue none ofthem, till he bath reconciled himfelfe; For thinkewith thy felfe(ifany finne lye in the way) when thou comeíl to partake ofthis pri- .viledge to receiue the Sacrament, or when thou cornea to call onGod for any particular mercy,or tohaue any reque(l graunted, thinke then with thy felfe,fuch a finne I cómmitted, I mull humblemy felfe for it, I mull labour to makereconciliation , labour to haue this taken away,that my father may be reconciled tome, then come and take the priviledge, for now it belongs vnto mee; therefore there is a neceffi- ty ofrenewing my repentance , and reconcili- ation moll exac`fly,and to take a very particular examinationof our wayes when wee come to receiue theSacrament, or when wedraw neere to God vpon fuch fpeciall occafion, leaíl our father,(thoug ll hebe a Fatherto vs) haue tome particular quarrell againfl vs, for even hee whomwee call father r . Pet. a , i 7, lud:eth eve - ry man(even his owne fonne) without r jfeei of perfons, 47