Preston - BV824 P73 1631

48 3 ThefecundSermon perfons,that is,he will not beare any ill in them, thus you fee hee didwith vtitofes, with David, and others, and the like hee dothwith all the Saints. This is the fecond qualification that is requiredbefore you can haue anypart, in any ofthe priviledges, before you canattaine vnto this a{furance, to aske and haue, therefore it is not without vfe, and that not in theSacrament onely, but alto in that which wee haue to de- liver. Thirdly, fuppofe there be noparticular fin, fuppofe the graces you haue,be aged, when you come to receiue the Sacrament;yet there is a third thing required,a third qualification that muf} be found in the heart ofhim that will be a worthy receiuer, and that is, to obferuewell what diflance isgrorvne betweene the Lord and him ever fence the time,that hee hath in a more particular manner beene reconciled to him. This is another thing then what wee named before, toconfider what ru{t path grownvpon his foule, what foylehis heart hath contracted, by converting in the world,&by medlingwith worldly and earthly things , for the foulega- thers foylewith medling with them, even as the hands doe;now thou muff thinke with thy felfe , when thou cornea to the Lord , and draweft neere tohim in this,or anyother duty, thou muff recover that diflancc againe, and bring thy heart nearer to the Lord , thoumuff draw nearer to him, thoumall get thy heartto a . .