Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. 49 a more clofe, and neere, and inward conjun- dionwith him-, thoumuff labour to haue that hardnelfe that thou haft contracated (as it will be in a little continuanceoftime)thoumull la- bour I fay tohaue that tooke away and remoo- ved, and to haue thy heart foftened, thoumuff labour tohaue the ruft rubbed off, tthou muff labour tohaue all thofe things done ; for thou mat know this, That though there was not a particular finne committed, yet as we fee, the outward man is fubjeclto a wafting , though therebe no wounds, though therebe no ficke- neffe, but is in perfect health , and all is well with him, he obferves all the rules ofdyer, yet (I fay) you fee the outward man is fubjecf to walling, it is fubjecl to fainting, toweakeneffe, and to decay; And therefore there mutt be a renewingofdyet, and offtrength, or elfe lice cannot bee able tohold out : So it is with the inward man, though there bee no particular fume though a man did keepe fome good courfe, in thewayes ofgodlyneffe,without run, ningout eminentlyor evidently, yet he is fub- jecl to a fecret decay , fo that fometimes hee mull haue fome fpeciall meate , fome fpeciall feaft, which the Lordhath appointed for that purpofe, (forhe dothnothing in vaine:) And ifthis Sacrament could bee (pared, that a man might keepe the ítrength ofthe inward man without it, the Lord would not put you to this trouble, but he feeth it neceffary & therefore H ; :e