Preston - BV824 P73 1631

5o ThefecondSermon he bath appointed it tobee received, and that often, that you might feed vpon the body and blood ofChrift , that you might Bate his flab and drinke his blood, andgather new ftrength from it , that when there is a decay ofgrace in your hearts,may goe to this Fountain,& fill the Cifternes againe to recover your ftrength; For when a man comes to the Sacrament as hee ought,hegathers a new ftrength,as a nian from a feafl, his heart is cheered vp as it is with Fla- gons ofwine , hee is refrefhed, his hunger and thirft is fatiflied, That is , the delires of his foule that long after Chrifl, and after righte- toufnes,& aífurace. And this is the third thing. Fourthly, befides all this; f rfithe flirringvp of thegraces, and theaging of the habits, Se- condly betides making thypeace and reconci. anion with God, and removing ofanyparticu- lar offence, that is betweene God and thee, Thirdly betdes this fcouring offthe ruft, this recovering the diflance betweeneGod & thee, the fbftning ofthat hardnefre which thyheart hath contraóed , betides this recovering the ftrength that thou haft wafted; There is a fourth thing required,. which is, that there bee an intention,aparticular increafeofthy mill, in ta- king Chrift, andof the delire to Chrift, of e- verygrace that knits theeandChrift together; For there are certaine feinentinggraces, cer- taine glewinggraces, that joyne Chrift & thy foule together, asfaithand loue, theta are the two