Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. 51 two maine graces ; there are a great traine of graces that follow them , but thefe are the chiefe, and thefe I fay muff bee intended: For what is the endofthe Sacriment:' is it not to knit the knot fironger betweene Chrift and vs, to make the vnion more full and perfeí`I, is it not to increafe our willingnes to take and re- ceiue Chrift ? for you know all theaasofthe foule may be intended. Put the cafe there be a refolved a& in the heart & fouleofany man, wherebyhe faith thuswith himfelfe : I am re- folved to take Chrif},and to ferue him and loue him forthe timeofmy life, yet this refolution of his , though it bee perfe&and fincere, yet it may receiue intention, when aman is willing to doe a thing truly, theremaybee degreesad- ded to that will, when there is light in a roome (when thou bringeíl in more candles) that light may bee increafed: fo it may in this, fo mayyour faith and loue, (by faith I meane no- thing , but the refolutionof theheart to take Chrift, I meanenot thebeleevingpart, but the taking part, theadof the will takingChrift, or receiving him , which is nothing elfebut the choife ofthe will that refolues to takehim.) I doe but touch this by theway, becaufe it is a point I haue handled already at large, there. fore I doe nowbut mention it. But the thing I ayme at is this I fay the glewing graces are thefe two ; Faith whereby you thus take him for your Lordand Saviour; for faith islike the H 2 part