Preston - BV824 P73 1631

6, `4, lecona' berrnin, - ..:.6npafle that goeth ab-}ut &dcth h reby we are more knit veto the 1y haue both their office and their ; --Von know loue is anvniting affedion, 1,-1.7rclore this is the definitionofit, It is a defire vmon with ihat it loues ; Now when thou cornea to receiue the Sacrament, or topray, or put vp any fpeciall requeft, when thou com- eft tohaue todoe with God,tomakevieofany priviledge thouhaft in Chrift, thy cheifebufi- neffe is to intend this faithand loue , at fuch a time to draw thee neerer,tomake the vnion full and perfed. Que. You will fay, how is this increafed and how is it intended,: Anfiso I anfwer; Twowayes in the Sacrament,one way is thevery repetition, the very renewing the covenant , the very doing it overagaine, the refolution of takinghim,(f6r there is a mu- tual' covenant you know betweene Chrift and vs,)it is confirmed to vs in the Sacrament, hee confirmes his, and wee confirme ours 2 as the freindfhip betweene Ionathan and David was increafed by the renewingof the covenant, or elfewhywas it repeated Thevery repetition of theat intends the habit, thehabit is increa- fed by the repetitionofthead,- though it were nomore ; fo the renewingof thecovenantex- ercifeth thy faith, it fets aworïe thy faith and thy loue, when thou cOmeft to receive the Sa- crament, the very intention isincreafed : but this