Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. this is not all, There is another thing in the Sacrament that much increafeth ir, and that is a thing I would haue you chiefely to take no- vice of; That is the very Sacrament it felfe, the clement of bread andwine delivered to thee, withthevery words ofthe minifler,Takec;M cat, this is my body, that rvíos brokenfor thee; Takeand drinke, this is my blood, that v sjhedfor thee, and for many, for the remi/on oftheir finnes, for when thefe words are fpoken to vs, ifwee did confider well ofthem, & thinke thus with our felues ; Thefe words that the Lord himfelfe bath appointed the miniiier to fpeake ( for therein is the force of thé, that they areof the Lords owne inflitution, therefore the flrength ofevery Sacrament lies in the inflitution;That is a rule in Diuinity ; the Papifls themfelues, that haueadded flue other Sacraments, cannot deny, but that every-Sacrament muff haue an immediate inflitution from Chrifl himfelfe, even from his owne mouth, or elfe there is no firength in it ; fo that even as it is with all things that are fymbolls of other things, (as take markes in feilds that fland for the divifion of feverall mens rights-,take counters that fland for Thoufands and Hundreds, thevery effence ofthefe things {lands in the very inflitutionof them;)So in the Sacrament,exceptthefe words' were from the Lords ownemonth that dilive- red it , this very delivering of the bread and wine, being a ligne toyouof forgiuenes of' H 3 your ..