Preston - BV824 P73 1631

54 Thefecond Sermon your finnes , except the Lord had thus inftitu ted it, there had beene no forcein it felfe;) i fay confider, they are words that theminifler fpeakes not in an ordinary courfe, but he is ap- pointed by the Lord himelfe to fpeake them; and now when thele words make a new im prefhon vpon thy heart, it addes an intention. to thy faith and loue : for example, (tomake it a little morecleareto you,that you mayvnder- Hand it diitin&ly.) The Lordhath laid this, he will forgiue the times ofall thofe that come vnto him, hee will forgiue them that forfake their finnes, and take Shrift Iefus, and loue& feare him for the time to come ; The Lord might haue fuffered it togoe thus in generali, that he hathdelivered it vnto you &no more; But hee thought good togoe further , and fay thus tomankind: Its true, I haue laid it, but I will not content my felfe with that, but will adde certaine feales and fymbolls, certaineex- ternal! fignes, that thou (halt feeand looke on, and I fay to thee, this covenant haue I made with thee, and when thou feet the bread and wine delivered by the rninifter, know this,that the thing thatthou feeft is a witneffebetweene thee andnie: That as it wasPaid byLaban and Jacob when theymade a covenant, This_time bewitneffe betrveene vs : And God laid to Noah, when Ilooke vpon the raineborve, itJhall bee a fighe that I willdeflroy the earthnomore after this man- mer, when the Lord hath laid ait, and hath appointed