Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. 55 appointed this outward Symboll that thine eyes looke vpon, I remember the covenant, & this is a fgne betweene vs, this (hall bind mee to it andhim likewife; Nowwhen this is done anew,(it may be everymoneth) this is a won- drous great mercy , this is a marvellous great he1pe(ifit berightly vnderftood)to ftrengthen our faith. Doth it not helpe vs, when we fee the Rainebowe: It the Lord bath appointed, 1 will remember my covenant, andwhen thou lookefl on it , it(hall con frmeme, andIwill not breake my covenant todefray the world with aftood; For this adminiftration of the Sacrament, when the Lord lookes vpon it , bee cannot but remem= ber hispromife and his covenant,ofpardoning our Pnnes; Andwhen thou lookeft on ir, thou art alluredof it, for hee bathPaid it; it shall bee a fgne and awitneffebetweene vs; Now I fay that new Impreffion that theft° words , (thus contrived and vnderftood, and delivered by the minifter) makevpon theheart, it intends faith and loue; as indeed it is a great matter to haue it fpoken to vs by a minifter ofthe Gof- pell, fent fromChrift, fromhis owne mouth; rake andBate this is my body that was brokenfor You: and this is my blood that wasfliedforyou and formany, for the remifon offinnes. This is the fourth qualification that is required , that our faithand loue bee intended, and our vnionbe increafed , that thewill refolution, and pur- pole of taking Chrift for our Lord , rcceiue more