Preston - BV824 P73 1631

56 The frond Sermon moredegrees; that fowe may be more fall and firmely vnited and knit to him, which I fay is done partly by the epetirion on both fides (for the very repetition doth it) and part- lyby a new impreffionthat thefe words (rake, Bate &c.) make on the foule. Now I adde the lait thing which is required, (Mill remember the maine thingwee are vpon that it is not e. nough for thee tobe in Chrilt, but ifthou wilt beea worthy receiver, thoumuff haue there foure qualifications in -thee, that I hauenamed already; Thou rnuft reconcile thy felfe anew, thou mull rub off the ruff from thy foule which It hath gathered, Thoumull recover the diftance that is growne betweene God& thee; Thou mull adde an intending and an increafe, Thou inuit adde more degrees to thy faith and loue, and after all there.) Fiftlyand laftly,this is allo required (which is much for our benefit and comfort) namely, to put vp thy requefl, when thou comefl neere to the Lord in the Sacrament: Now thoumull not only do this, but thoumull alto make fome vfe of the covenant,which theLord hathmade with thee for his part,fo that thoumayfl thinke this with thy felfe; When I come to receiue the Sacrament, I haue but two workes to doe, one is to recovenamt with the Lord, and to re-, new my repentance, and to fet all eaven ; and the other is to remember the Lords cove. :ant. You