Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. But becaufe t vnderttd you had a Sacrament appointed for this day , I haue altered a link that courfe;thehearingofthat bath fomewhat diverted mec, and caufed me at this time to pitch vpon the other point which I named to you, that except a man be inChrìft,hee ought not to apply any priviledge to himfelfe,if hee: be, I fay, all belongs tohim. Whenyou come /to receiue the Sacrament, it is a very great pri- ,viledge to come to mediewith thole holy my- ;fferies, tohaue thófe Symbolesgiven to you of the loue and favour ofGod in Chriff; but yet you mutt remember this, that except you be in Chriff , you haue nothing to doe with him , and therefore it is a fitte an4.neceh`àry point for this feafon : for when the Apoftle wouldgiuedireáions to the Corinth . what. they fhould doe, to prepare themfelues to ,the Sa- crament, that theymay be worthy receivers; hee giues it in this fhort precept : Let .every m.,in (faith hee) examine hirefelfe, and .fè let him cate this breadanddrinke this cup. Nowwhat is a man to examine himfelfe of furely all that come to the Lords Table , are to examine themfelues concerning thefe two things: z Whether he be in Chriff,and fowhether he bath any right at all to come neere to him in that holy ordinance. 2 Though hebe in Chriff,yet he mutt exa- mine himfelfe , whether hee be particularly prepared, quickned, and fitted, whether his B 2 heart. 2