Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. You will fay,what is the Covenant:' It's a Covenant that confifls of there three things or points; luftification, i mildforge e-: y ßn lcs; Sanctification, I will makeyou ne+v: hearts, and rzeryfpiritsi and the third, all things areours; that is, I have made you heires oftheworld, heices of all things you haue all the pro - mifP-s belonging to you, that belong to this life, and that which is to come;this is the Covenant which the Lord hath made Now thou art bound when thou comeff to receiue the Sacrament, not onely to remem- ber this Covenant,Doe thi+(faith hee)in remem- branceofIiee,and not barelyofm.ée,,and ofmy being crucified for thee,and ofall the loue that I haue (hewed vnto thee; but alfo in remem- branceofthe Covenant , and of tholegratious promifes, which are the particulars of which that Covenant is the fumme: and therefore, thus a ma is to do.VVhat ?hath theLord vouch- fafed mee this favour, that I may come to his Table,I may come and renew thenuptials with him,aod renewmycovenant with, him?Surely, then I will looke about and confider what I want,what rcqueft I (ball put vpvnto him, for there is nothing that is wanting,but it:is within this Covenant, and thou art to put vp thy re- queft in a fpeciall manner,whatfoever it be, be it concerning things belonging to thy foule, tohaue a ftrong Tuff mortified,to haue thy hard heart foftned, to haue fome fin that 1yes upon J thy 7.