Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. 59 fhould haue this priviledge, -andgiue mee leaue to make vfe of it: Lord,ifI harrefoundfavour in thy ght,that is,fince thou haft v©uchfafed nice fuch a favour inthy fight, do thus and thus' for me:you fee he made this requeft for the whole Church of God and faued them, or elfe they had beene deftroyed. If thou haft not any par- ticular argument in this cafe, fay, If I haue found favor in thy fighr,do this: fo I fay,when thou haft this promite confirmed, that Chrift bath giuen himfelfe to thee and the fvmboll of that promite is the breadand wine, which bee bath giuen to rhee,put vp thy requcft: n Lord, ifthou haft vouchfafed to give nice Chriff, -vilt thounot with himgiue mee all things elfef Lord,if I haue found favour in thy fight, to do fo great a thing for me,denymee not this particular re- queft. Thus weought to doe, efpecially when wee come to things that are beyond nature: whenwe come, let vs confider with our felues, indeed I haue a naturall difpofirion that carries -tine rro.ngly to evill, I fhall never be able too- v.rcom'e it,there are fuch duties to doe, I (hall ne yet be able to performe them: In fuch a cafe thou muff doe it the more earneftly, thou muff fighand groane to the Lord: Eli/h.r, when bee comes todoe a thing fo much aboue the courfe ofnature, as-to raifc a dead-child- to i fe, hoe fzghed vnto the Lord, that is, bee prayed ear - neftly: Eliah,when bee would haue Rainc,hee cryed, he tooke much paines, hoe prayed: So 12 mufti [ì