Preston - BV824 P73 1631

The f cond Sermon snuff thoudoe in this cafe: and know this for thy comfort, that though thou thinke thou flralt never beable todoe thefe things, toover- come fuch Tufts, fuchhereditary difeafes , yet the Lord is able tohelpe thee: though thefe are paft naturall helpe, yet they are not paft the helpe ofgrace; though the spirit in vs tuft after envy;yet as theApoflle lames faith; The Scrip- tureso.ffer moregrace,that is, the Scriptures offer grace and ability, todoe more thennature can doe,nature cannot heale a fpirit,that lufleth af- ter envy, or anyother thing ; a fpirit that !Lifts after credit, after money, after the finne ofvn- cleaneneffe, or whatfoever is prefented: now the Scripturesoffer that grace, that will over come any of theft fumes, be they never fo ftrong,or fo old; Chriflhealed hereditaryde- feafes, bee healed thofe that were borne lame and blinde:fo though thoube borne with fuch lufls,Chrifl is able to beak thee; you feeaPro- phet could heale Ngamanofhis Leprofie,when there was no other that could doe it; fo faith` Chrift;Come vnto.mee allyee, andIn'iuhealeyou. So.,that. you 'fee wee muff put vp our requefìs to God,: The