Preston - BV824 P73 1631

®- on the Sacrament. 6.c TheThirdSermone V already made frc en- tranceEE haue upon th words;I toold e you what the Apoflles (cope is in them, which is to makeknowne to all Chrifti- ans to whom he wrote, another great privi- ledge, betides that whichbee named before: that is, That hee that bath theJonne,hath life,this ( faith hee) is another priviledge, that what- fbever you aske , you fhall haue; onely re- member that you haue this affurance in him, that is, in C hrift Iefus: That point, (what it is tobe in him, that it may be the groundofall thebenefits and priviledges wee injoy) wee handled the haday.Nowwe come to thepri- viledge it felfe I fwee askeany thing according to , his will be hearethvs, Thewords are foplaine,I fhall notneede to fpend any time in openingof them, but deliver you the point that laves fo evidently before vs: which is this, That allthe prayers ofthe Saints made uponea,th,are affuredly heard in heaven: whatfoever we aske, (laith bee) according tohis will.hee,heareth vs, onely the conditions m.uft beobferued.When you heare fuch.agenerallas.this,it mutt be limited, there arecertain bounds fet to it,which wee will name vetoyou:which are thefe foure conditi- ons. I 3 Firfr,