Preston - BV824 P73 1631

The thirdSermon Fir(f, all the prayers that are made vpon earth (hall be heard in heaven ; if theybe the prayers ofa righteous man , and are faithfull and fervent . Thepeifon muff be righteous, that muff firff be remembred : becaufe, although the prayer be never ibgood,yetexcept the per- Con be accepted from whom it coanes,the Lord regards it not : you:know in the_ old law, the bloodof Swine was reckoned an abominable Sacrifice,yet ifyou take theblood of fheepe,and compare them together. you (hall finde no difference; It may be the Swinesblood is the better:thenwhats thereafon the Swines blood is not accepted? even becaufe of the fubjeEt ofit: it was thebloodof Swine, and therefore you fee it was put down, that it was an abomi- nable Sacrifice. So it is with prayer; Take the prayer ofaSaint, and the prayer ofawicked man it may be, if you looke vpon the petitions, orwhatfoever is in the prayer it felfe, you (hall finde fometimes the prayer of a godly man morecold, and le(fe fervent: the petitions are not fowell framed as the wickedmans: yet be- .caufe this comes from fuchaperfon the Lard regards it not ;youknow the condition is men- tioned lames 5. Theprayer ofthe righteous man availethmuch,ifit befervent. Now as this is re- quired in theperfon, fo there is fomewhat re- quired in the prayer alfö, that is, that it be fer- vent and faithfull; that it be fervent, you haue it in the faineplace; that the prayer ofa righte- ous