Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. 63 ous man availeth muchjilt be fervent, that is, it mull be a prayer made from the fence of the mifery that is in vs, and from the mercie of God,when aman takes a thing to heart,that he prayes for, and comes with confidence to be heard, for that makes him fervent. This the Lordwill haue, and allo hee will haue it faith- full: lames the s. when.the Apoftle exhorts them to prayer, Ifany man want ;rifdome (faith he )let his aske it ofG'od.but thenmarke, he care- fully puts in this condition, fee that,Heepray in flith,that is, belee':;e that it (hall bedone unto. him :nowthis faith includes rcpentance,for no man can beleeue that hee fhall be heard,except hee make his heart pert-ea with God: Ifhe al- low any finne inhimfelfe, hee cannot beleeue vpon anygood ground: therefore when I fay it mutt be faithfuli,thatallo is included, the muff regard no wickcdneflè in our hearts,for in Inch a cafe, the Lord heares not,heeheares not fin- ners.So that this youmutt remember; Firít,the perfonmuff be righteous, and the prayermuff be fervent and faithful Secondly , the other Condition you fhall heare in theTexr,it muff be according to his Trill; you mutt not thinke, what%ever you aske, if youaske it loofely at Gods hands, that it fhall prefently be graunted you: No (faith hee) it muff be according to hiswill, ifyouaske fire from heaven, that is not according tohis will, and therefore youfee, they that asked it,were. denyed