Preston - BV824 P73 1631

3, Cond. The thirdSermon denyed it, with this reafon, you knownot ;hat you aske; Likewife to fit at his right hand,and at his left in heaven, which was another requetf of the Difciples,he puts them by with this:Tou vndertiand not what you aske of the Father, and therefore it muff be according to his will. And that is the fecond. Thirdly,we muff aske it in time,in duefeafon: for the promife is true, Knocke anditfhallbe o- pened toyou, but you know the foolifh Virgins knock, and it was not opened to them; what was the reafonof it r becaufe they askt when the timewas paff: for there is a certaine accep- table timewhen the Lordwill be found: and when that opportunity is paff, he is found no more. It is true, that this life is the timeof grace, but God in his fecret counfell bath ap- pointed a certaine time toevery man, which is the acceptable time,theday ofgrace,therefore he faithvnto thern,This day if 'you will heare: this day:ifyouwill come and feeke vntomee , if you will pray vnto mee,1 will heareyou: when. it's paff,theLord fuffers not the doores to ffan open alwayes, his cares arenot alwayes open: therefore that condition muff be carefullyre membred, youmuff aske in time; It is :acondi- tion thatfhould be carefully thought on byvs; For, _ for the moffpart,wee fly toprayer as loab did to the c.'tar,heewent not to it for devoti- on(for then heewould hauedone it before)but when bee was inditireffe, when heewas inex- tremity