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loirriswirreneedialmrow 4 The firft Sermon heart be put into fucha of grace,whe- ther it be fo, fafhioiied as it ought,when hee comes to the immediate performance of fuch a duty as that is, Now becaufe I handle this point, but onely for this parti- cular occafion , I- will not enter into filch a manner of handlingofit as.I was wont todoe at other times,but only take vp fomach. ofit as may fettle for theprefent occafion; Therefore when I fay this to you. That except aman bee inChrift , he ought not to take any priyiledge to vve will doe thefe z things ; r Ex- boa every man to confider whether hee be in Chrift: for that is the prefent qucftion which any mans heart would aske, whenhee beares this propounded. Why thenfall the privi- ledges be fufpended vpon my`16eing in Chrifl, my maine bufinef e is toexamine that,whether I be in Chrift or no 2 Secondly if a mars be in Chrifl. xt he maybe fufpendedb Tome in- terveniak finne, and fome intervefpofi- tionof minde, & heart,that maygrow on him, . from injoying, & fromhaving the prefent fruit and - benefit, of that priviledge that belongsto him; Therefore I fay , firft wee will doe this., glue you rules to examine your felues whether you be in Chrift or no It is veryvfefull toall that now are to receiue, or at any other time; its vfefull you know too, notonly vpon fuch anoccafìonas this, but vpon all occafions, and therefore a point , though peculiarly belon. ging.