Preston - BV824 P73 1631

66 The third Sermon not our felues what is meet for vs; we are vnto the Lord it'll as the Patient is to the Phyfitian the Patient is importunate with him, for filch things to refrefh him , and cafe him ; But the Phyfitian knowes what bell belongs to him, & and when to giue him fuch things, in what manner, and in what ineafurc : Sothe Lord knowes bell what to doe: Many times he Both the fame things that wedelire , though he doe it not in the fame manner : Even as the Phyfi. tiara he quencheth often the thirí1 withBark ries , or with fuch kind of conferues ; what though itbeenot withdrinke.' is it not all one, fo the thirfl bee quenched r Is it not all one whether a manbe hindred from (biking me, or ifI haue a helmet to defend the blow fome- times the Lord keepes not offtheenemy ; but then lice giues vs a helmet to keepe ofi"thofe blowes, tobeare thofe injuries and evills that are done tovs : hee is a wile Phyfitian, bee knowes what manner, what meafiire, andwhat time is bell, therefore that mull be referred to him : Now there conditions beingobferued, you mull know that thisgreat previledge he longs to every Chriflian , That whatfoever prayers he makes onearth,he is fore to be hard in heaven , it is a wondrous previiedge, that which wee haue all caufe to (landamazed ar, that theLord fhould fo farce regard the Sonnes ofmen, togrant them fuch a Charter as this; no more but aske and haue, and whatfoever you