Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. 67 you pray for, it (hall bee done toyou. But a man is ready to fay fecretly in his heart when he heares ir, This is too good tobe true, That whatfoever I aske, I íhall-haue. My Beloved, I confeffe, it is ahard thing tobeleeue it as we ought to doe: and therefore we come to apply this, we will Upend a little time in endevouring to convince you of the truth ofit, that you may not doubt ofrt, that what prayers you make to the Lord, he is ready to heare them, Firfl, confider that whatfoever prayer you make, he takes noticeofit, hee obferues every petition , there is not one petition that you make tohim at any time, but helookes vpon it, hee fees what the prayer is, And this thing all- though you thinke it common , (and who is there that know not this) yet (my beloved) to beleeue this, to thirike that God is prefent where I make my prayer tohim, to thinkehe {lands and heares it, even as I fpeake to a man that ''lands &heares me, andvnderflands what I fay tohim ; This is a great helpe tovs. That this is true: fee in 4. Eph. 6 Hee is in all , and through all, andover all; That is, the Lord is, in every man, he path through every thing, his eyes runne through theearth, & hee is over all, looking what fecrets are inmans heart, what thoughts, yeabefore hee thinkes them , hee knowes them , becaufe hee feeth them in their caufes : He that is ina man , that lookes in all 1 the fecret corners of the heart, he muft needes Ka fee