Preston - BV824 P73 1631

68 The third Sermon feewhat thoughtshe hath, what petitions heé puttethvp fecretly, even then whenhis mouth fpeakes not. And left that fhould be enough, faith he,JIe is over all; youknow one that f}atids on high, and lookes over all that is below, bee eafily can fee whatfoever is done; So the Lord, he all, he is throughall, he is over all . But this is enough for that, only I would haueyou remember, that bee takes notice of all, bee knowesthy prayers. But you will fay; I doubt not of that, I make noqueftionbut he heares me, and vnderf}ands the well enough: But how(hall I know that he is willing to grant he You fhall fee thefe 2 Reafons, in the 7. Math.. where our Saviour vrgeth this verypoint, that we haue now inhand, from the 7.verfe downe- ward, Aske (faith he)andyoufballhaue,Peke and you(hallfindknocke, anditf Ballbe opened vetoyou; here is thepromife; For(he backs it with thefe 2 Reafons) Every one that asketh receiveth; and he that f eketh,findeth; and to him that kn,oc.keth, it fballbe openedvetohim: As ifhe fhould fay; yee haue this reafon for it,.why you fhouldbeleeue it, that it is no more but aske & haue5 for (faith he) all that ever asked haue obtained; all that ever haue fought,ha3úe foundall that ever haue knocked, it hath been opened veto them. That is, looke through the wholebooke ofGod, & fee what paÿers,ever hauebin maletohim,& you thall finde, that there is not a prayer men- tioned