Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. 69- tioned in all "the Scriptures, butit hash beene heard. Nowwhen wee haue fuch a cloudof witneßës, it is a ftrong reafon,when it is laid to vs that there were never anyprayed but were heard. Why, you will fay, There were many pray- ed that were not heard ; Did not. Davidpray for his Childe, andwas not heard ? Did not Paul pray to bedelivered from fuch a tempta- tion, and was not heard? My Beloved, Its true, they were not heard for theparticular , but yet I dare bee bold to fay,,that Davidwas heard at that time, though (I fay) not in the particular; for though his Child was taken away , yet youmay fee the Lord gaue him a Child of the fame woman, with much more advantage ; heegain him a Child that was legitimate, which this was not: hee gaue him a Child that exceeded for wife- dome, Solomon was the Child that he had: So that the Lord didheare him,andgaue him this anfwer, as ifbee had faid to him, David I haue heard thee, I know that thouart exceeding im- portunate ; thou lhalt not haue this , but thou (halt haue another Childwhich fhall bebetter. And fo hee faith vnto Paul 2. Cor. I.2.. Chrifl reveales this tohim;. Rtul (faith hee) though I graunt thee not this particular reque1 in. the manner that thou wouldeft haueme, (To take away the pricke of the,flefh which thou art troubledwith) thouChair bee a greater gainer 3 by , f .ft Anr