Preston - BV824 P73 1631

The third Sermon by it , thou hadit better haue it then want it; when P4111 vnderflood that it was a medici le, andnot a poyfon as hce tooke it to be, hee was content and refblved in it; And a man refol- vethnot except he be a gainer. Hee law that Godspow=er was manifefl in his weakeneffe, and bee faw himfelfehumbled by it; and when he law that God gained glory ; and himfelfe humilia- tion by it,he was content tobe denyed in it;So I fay whofoever asketh findeth,you (hall never find any example but that whofoever fought to the Lord as bee ought, hee was certainly heard, or diehe had fomewhat that was better graunted tohim inflead ofit. And this is the firft reafon that is vied heave. The fecond rea- fon is this ; What manamong you, ifhis Son aske bread, willgitie him aflone; or ifhe askeafifh, will gita him aferpent ; if yoga then that are evil!, know how togifle good things toyour children, howmuch more (ballyour heavenly fathergiue good things to them whichaske him, (faith he) you benot able toperfwade your felues ofthis truth , becaufe you know not the father, for hedwells in light in acceffable you are not acquainted with him , faith ou+r Saviour, I will heipe you out with anargument that you better vnderftand even vpon earth ( faith hee) take but a father heave, a father that is ill (but the Lord isfull of goodnes, fathers haue but a drop but a fparke ofmercy in them , whereas the Lord is full of mercy, as theLord is full of light, hee is the God