Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. 71 Godofall comfort; Yet, (faithhe) this father (whenhis fonne comes rtoaske himbread) he is ready to giue it him, he is full ofcompafmion and tendernes toward him, doeyou not thinke that our heavenly father is as true a father as he, that bee loues youas well as they whofe compafïion and pitty is much greater doe you not thinke bee is ready toheare his Chil. dren when they call vpon him 0 this is a (Irong and vnanfwerable Reafon, and this you fee is backed in 16: Iohrd a7. you fee there the loueofa father how it is expreffèd tovs; Ify not vetoyou that Irvillarke the fither(faithhc)the father himfelfe louesyott , Marke, as if he fhould haue faid , let this beeone ground to you to thinkeyour petitions fhall be graunred, & that they are not only graunted for my fake , for faith he) the father himfelfe loveth you, and hath a great affection to you, that is in naturali parents, there is a natural' affection to their Children; So ifI Aver not immediatly topre- rent your petitions (though that bee not exclu- ded) yet (faith hee) the father hath fuch an af- Fedion toyou, that hecannot choofe but Beare you, Ifay rot , (faith bee) that I willaske thefa_ t her , fir thefather himfelfe loavesyon So that :his is the fecond realen, which this prornife is there backed with, the loue of the father, That bee cannot find in his heart to denyvs, oven for that aafetion that beebeareth to vs. We will adde a third Reafon that wee meet here