Preston - BV824 P73 1631

The third Sermon here in the lame Chap. i 6. Jahn i 3 . In that day you(hallaske inmy name: verily, verily, lfay vnto yon, yeefhallaske thefeather in my name, andhe will glue ityouu ; It is brought in vpon this occafi- on: when our Saviour Chrifl was to goe from his Disciples, theywere ready to complaine, as we feein the verfesbefore, they,were ready to fay with thernfelues, alas, what (hall we doe when our Maifler f'hall bee tooke from our head ' Our Saviour anrwers them , you (hall doewell énough doubt you not for though I be not with you ; yet (faith hee) goe to the fa- ther in my name and whatfoever you aske of him,you (hall haue it: Sothat he answers this objetion, whena man is ready to fay. Its true , I know that a father is exceeding loving to his Children: But it maybe, my car- riage hath not beene fuck, I am full of infirmi- ties, i haue much in me that may turné the loue and affectionofmy father fromme. Anfv. Put thecafe you haue, yet Chrifl adds this for your comfort ; If(faith he) the father will not doe it for your fake, yet doubt you not, if youaske inmy name, heewill doe it; doe wee not fee it vfuall among men, That one that is a meere firanger toanother , ifhee get a letter from a friend, hee thinkes toprevaile; and hee doth fo, becaufe though it be not done for his fake (it maybeehee is a ftranger, one that de- ferved nothing at his hands) yet filch a friend may deferue much: Andwhenwe goe to God in