Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. in the name ofChrift,this anfwers all the obje- diós whatfoever you cá fay againft youtfelues it is all fatisfied in this: I goe in his name, I am Pure he hath fupply,T am flare he is no ftranger, Iknow he bath deferued it,8zc.Laft ofall,as he loues'vs , and becaufe we aske in the nameof Chrift is ready toheare vs: wee will adde this, chit he is ready to hearevs for his own fake,he is .4 Godhearing prayer,faith thePfalrnift,that all flefh might core to hirm,even for this caufe he heares,that menmight be incouraged to come and feeke to him ; for ifthe Lord fhould not heare,then no fle{h would come vnto him, that is, men would haue no encouragement, no helpe,theref orehee faith , hee is a Godhearing prayer,doubt ye not,he will doe it, for this pur- pofe,that bee might haue men ro worfhip him, that menmight come and feeke vnto him. Be- ' fides that, he íháll be glorified, thouJhalt callu- ponmee in the day of trouble, I will heare thee, and thoufhaltglorifremees now the defirous of glory,it was the end for which he made the world: But innot hearingour prayers,he lofeth this glory , by hearingour requefts, themore we are heard,themore glory,and pratfewe ren- der vnto him.Likwife hedoth it for theSpeda- tors fake; tíLlofs often prefenteth that Reafon, Lorddoe it,What will the Heathenfay: and left thy namebepollutedamong them,they willfay thou haft brought out apeople, and waft not able to deliver them.So Davidoften, there are many infiances in 73