Preston - BV824 P73 1631

The third Sermon in that; I fay, for the lookers on fake he is rea- dy todoe it. All this is enough to periwadeour hearts,that hee is ready to heare vs, that when prayers are made tohimon earth,( So the con- ditions be obferved) they are furely heard in heaven. Now to apply this. FFirft, ifthe Lord be fo ready to heare,then this fhould teach vs to be more fervent in this.duty of prayer then com- monlyweare, for to what end are filch promi- fes as this,but to encourage vs to do our duties; whenwee heare that prayer is of fo much effi- cacie, that it prevailes with the Lord for any thing,thall we fuffer it to layby (as it were)and not make vie ofit?ifa drug,or a precious balme were commended tovs , and it were toldvs, that ifwee made vie of it, it would heare any wound, it will healc any ficknes, & this & this vertue it bath: Will a wife má fufferit to lay by him, will hee not vfe it, and fee what vertue it hath: And when it is laid vnto vs,that prayer is thus prevalent with theLord,that it is thus po- tent,that it is thus able to prevaile with him for any thing,fhall wee not make vfe ofit,whenwe are in any diftreffe, whenwee need any thing: whenwee haue any difeafe, either offoule or body to heale ? Let vs fye to this refuge that himfel Fe hath appointed:Ifa King ofthe earth fhould fay to a man,I will be ready to doe thee a good turne, make vfeofmee when thouhaft occaIon; hewould be readyenoughtodo it. Now