Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. 75 Now when the Lord of heaven faith , aske what you will at my hands and I will doe it; (hall wee not feeke tohim,andmake vfeof fuch a promife as thisrBeloued we are toobackward in this, wee should be moreaboundant in this duty thenwe are, wee fhould make more ac- count of it : For whatfoever the cafe be, if you doe but feeke to the Lord, ifthou doll but fet downe thy refolution with thy felfe: well I fee it is a thing (if 1 looke vpon the creature & the meanes) I haue littlehope of, but the Lord is able to do it, and therefore I will goe to him, I will weary him, and I will not giue him over, 1. will not giue him, nor my felfeany refl, till I haue obtained it : I fay it is impoffible thou thouldefl faile in fuch a cafe. Onely remember tobe importunate,for an importunate fuiter he cannot deny. You know the parable ofthe vn- jufl Judge. You know allo theparable ofthe man that was in bed with his children, when the widdow was importunate , when thee knockt and would giue himno refl,hegiues her redreffe; the other rifeth and giueth his friend as many loaues as hewill, faith the Text; yea though the were not his friend; (for this is the meaning ofit.;) Iffaith hee,the Lord had not much loue toyou,ifhe had not fuch an affecti- on, ifyou did not come to him in the nameof Chrift whom he loues,inwhomhee is ready to grant whatfoever you aske, if bee were not a friend to you; yet for your very importunity, L 2 hee INErazio".,,-