Preston - BV824 P73 1631

The third Sermon he is ready to doe it As the vnjufl Iudge (for that is the fcope of the parable) beehad no minde to grant the widdowes requcft, hee had no Iuflice in him to mouehim,hee had nomer- cy nor compaffion,yet for very importunity he graunted it. Remember and obferue the con- dition; for this is commonly a fault among vs; whenwegoe to prayer, wee thinke that theve- ry putting vpofthe prayer will do it;No,there is more required then fo. As it is the errorof the Countrypeople, when they herbe fiy,thar fuchan herbe is good forfuch adifeafe, they are ready to thinke,that(howfoever it be tooke orapplyed)it will heale the difeafe; no,it muff beapplyed in buch a manner, it mutt bevied in fucha fafhion. So it is with prayer, youmull notonly doe theduty,(and therefore when we exhort you to it, not onely to call vpon God, for men are ready enough to do that,efpecially in the time of diftreffe,) but with thefecondi- tions I haue named. You know Gehali when hee hadgot the 1faffe ofElifba, hee went to the Child, but it was not the flaffe that could raife the child from death to life, there wasfome- thingmore required . So in prayer, iris not meereprayer that will,there is fomething elle, there mull be other conditions that mull be obferued. For we are wont to do with it,as thofeCoútrieswere wont to .do with thename ofIefus,they thought ifthey vied thename of Iefus, it was enough: but yeeknowwhat an. Ewer.