Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. 77 Iwer the Spirit giues them; lefus we know, and Paulwee know, but who areyee e fo I fay wee are wont to do in this cafe, wee thinke it is enough tomake our requeft,and that is all. No,there is fomewhat more required, youmuft makeyour rcqueft in fuch a manner as yee ought. Then I adde this further, that when thoumakeft them in íucha manner, yet thou mutt not thinke to be heard for thyprayers fake : that isanother thingwee are apt to faile in. Whenwee haue made fervent prayers, andhaue beene impor- tunate with the Lord,.we thinke now furely we Mall not faile: No,youmuff know this,the pro - mife is not made to theprayer, but to the per- fon praying. You (hall not finde throughout theiwhole fcripture , that any promife is made . thus, becaufe wee pray fervently we (hall be heard: but it is made to the perfonpraying,the prayer is but the inftrument:but themeanes by which the blefïing is conveyed to vs , is a meanies.without whit h the Lordwill not do it, for the promife is made to the party . Acold prayer (fo there be no neglea in it, fo a man feeke the Lord,& pray as well as hecan,)it will prevaile fometimes as well,as a fervent prayer who indices the petition,whomakes the prayer fervent Purelynot thy felfe, but the Holy Glofi: he makes requeft in vs , fometimes bee makes more .fervent, hee enlargeth the heart more fometimes, againe the heart is more ftraitned in the performance of this duty: but both may L 3 come