Preston - BV824 P73 1631

ob. An.r Thefecond Sermon come fr6 the fame fpirir.Not,but that we haue caufeofmuch comfort, when weeare able to pray fervently,for this is a groundofour conz- fort,that when we pray fervently, it is an argu- ment that the Holy Ghofi dwell in our hearts, and that our prayers are dilated by him, it is an argument, that our prayers come from a holy fire within.And therefore fervent prayer may giue vs 'hope of being heard, but yet it is not meerely the prayer, but becaufe it is an evidence that it comes from a right principle, that it comes from the regenerate part, and is madeby the aífi Lance of the Holy Ghofî it is not the very fervencie that prevailes. And therefore when you hearethis, that the Lord is ready to heare,I fay make that vfeof it, be fer- vent in this duty, remember the conditions;& yet withal know,that you are not heard for the very prayers fake,but for Iefus Chrift his fake. He'makes every prayer acccptable,he mingles them with his fweete odours . And ifyou objet, O but I ama man full of infirmities. You know how it is anfwered in the 5 of fames, (faith he) Eliabwhen hee was heard,hee was a man, and a man fubjec`a topylons, and to the likepafons that wee are: As ifhe fhould fay, donot thinke that Eliah was therefore heard, becaufe he was an extraordinaryProphet: for it was becaufe theLord had made a promifeto him, and hee comes and vrges that promite to the