Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. 79 theLord, and therefore the Lord heard him. So (faith hee) fhould every oneofyou, if you haue the prorriife,you may goe and vrge it, as well as Eliah did: though you be fubjetdto ma- ny infirmities, Eliah was even fo . You know there are infirmities and paílions expreffed in the Scriptures that that hee was fubjeFt to. And this is the Eft vfe wee are to makeofit,to be frequent and fervent in this duty, fencewe haue filch.a promife Secondly, if wee haue filch a promife,then we fhould learne hence (when wee haueput vp our prayers at any time) tomake more account ofthem thenwe doe:for the truth is, that wee pray for the molt part forfafhion fake, many a man faith thus with himfelfe I will feeke the Lord,ifit domee no good,it will doe no hurt; but ifwee made that account of our prayers as we fhould,we woúld performe this duty in an-1 other manner, but wee do not make that ac- count of them as wee ought: Wee thinke not with our felues that theprayers that wee make are Purely heard : there be many evidences, what is the reafon, that when wee feeke the Lord , wee doe it fo remifly that wee haue fcarce leafure to make an end of our prayers: we are fo ready to hallen and goe about other bufueffe,wee are ready to turneevery fione, to vfeall meanes to feeke the creatures withall diligence: but who prayes to theLord as hee ought,toworke his heart to fuch a fervent per- , formance 111111-. i