Preston - BV824 P73 1631

The thirdSermon formance ofthat duty as he fhouldr men haue fcarcely leafure,for it is vfuall with them when they haue bufìneffe to doe, and enterprifes to bring topaffe, they are exceeding diligent tovie all meanes; and yet are remiffe in the chiefe: what is the reafon elfe, that wee fee the doores of Princes and great men fo full offu- ters, though there be porters fet on purpofe to driue themaway;but the gates ofHeaven are fo empty: It is indeed becaufe we do not beleeue our prayers are heard , wee do but make our prayers for fafhion. What is the reafon like- wife,that we vie prayer in the time of diftreffe (ifit will be an effec`Iuall meanes to helpe vs, when all other meanes faile,)why vfe we it not before? But that iiian argument that wee truft not to it,feingwe vie ir, only in the timeofex- tremity: for if it be not ofeduall, why dowe vfe it then' If it be ofehuall,, why do not wee vfe it till that accident ? therefore this vfe wee muff further make, when wee heare that the Lord heaves our prayers,to make more account ofthem then we do, to thinke that our prayers when they are put vp to the Lord fhall be heard.Say thus with thy felfe,well,now I haue prayed, and I expet that the thing fhould be graunted that I haue prayed for, when I feeke to theLord: It's true,I deny not but wee muff vie themeanes too, wee muff lay the hands u- ponthe plough,and yet pray; bothought to be done,as fometimes we vfe two friends,but wee truft