Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament, trutt one; wee vie twoPhifitians, but weeput confidence in oneofthem: In like manner wee Inuit bothpray and vfe the meanes, but fo as wee put our chiefe truft in prayer, it is not wanes that will doe it.But the truth isweedo the quite contrary: It may be wepray& vie the meanes, but wee truft the meanes, and not the prayer : that is a common and a great fault a- --along vs, it is a piece of Atheifine,for men to thinke the Lord regards their prayers,no more thenhee regards the bleating offbeepe or the lowingofoxen, to thinke hee heeds them not; And its a great part of faith to thinla tliat the Lord harkens to them and regards them, as certainly he doth. But you will lay, I haue prayed, and amnot heard, and haue fought to the Lordand haue found no anfwere. Well,itmay be thou hail not 'for the prefent, but haft thou flayed the Lords leafure t' (for that is tobee confidered in this cafe,) fome- times the Lord comes quickly,hegiues a quick anfwer toour requefts ; fometimes hee (layes longer: But this is our comfort, that when the returne is longer, thegaine is the greater: As wefee in trades,fome trades haue their returne very quicke, it maybe the tradefmens money is returnedevery weeke, but then theirgaine is Co much the lighter but when their returne is (lower, as is your !eat merchants, when it byes three or foure yeares , wee fee theUps come ,