Preston - BV824 P73 1631

The third Sermon :come home laden,bringing fomuch themore: So (for the molt part) when our prayers doe flay long , they returne with thegreater bier fings,they returne loaden with rich commodi- ties. Let this bee an encouragement to vs, Though I flay , the Lord will graunt it 3 and thinke not with thy felfe, I made fuch a prayer long agoe,Ifound no fruit of it; for be fore, the Lord remembreth thy prayer, though thou haft forgotten it, the prayers that thou madeft a goodmany yeares agoe, may doe thee good many yeares hence; May not aman pray to haue his Child fanEtified, tohaue him brought to better order It may bee hee liues many yeares, and fees no fuch thing, yet in the end, the prayer may bee effetuali : So likewife it may be inmanycafes, you fee thereare many examples for it : vlbraham prayed, he flayed long, but you fee it was a great biding that he had , whenhee prayed for a fonne, youknow what a fonne he was,hewas a forme ofthe pro- mile, inwhomall thenations of theearth were bleffed So David when the Lord promifed him a kingdone, he flayed-long for it : Many fuch examples there are. Therefore comfort thy felfewith this : though. I flayöng, this is myhope , this is my-encouragement that fu- flaines me, If I fecke the i.ord, and waite vpon him, Heewill ornewith. a great biefling, the gaine (hall bee heavier 6lndgreater, though the returnebenot fo. cluicke and i a c). Lath ::