Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. 8; DAof all when you heare fuch a promife as this, That whatfoever you aske you (hall be heard in it; you fhould hence learne, to fpend Tome time in the meditationof this great pri- viledge that the Saints haue, &none but they; This I propound to every mans confideration, that thofe that are not Chriftians, that is, thofc that are not-regenerate may know what they lookby ir; and thofe that are, mayvnderíland the happinesof their condition, that theymay learne tomagnify it, and tobleffe themfelues in that condition , that they haue fuch agreat priviledge as this: It is no morebut askeand haue, therefore that which in the thirdplace I exhort you to, is this, namely to fpend time in the meditationofit, toconfider what a great advantage it is : David cannot fatisfy hitnfelfe enough in it: In 18. and i i 6. Pfalmes. Lord I lone thee dearely, hecannot prayfeenough, and whys /fought to thee indiflreffe, andthou heardefl me; Icalled upon thee, and thou inclinefl thine care to myprayer. I fay confider this mercy as you ought todoe, it ispart ofthe thankes we owe to the Lord for fo an exceeding priviledge; That whatfoever our cafe be,it is nomore, but put vp our requefls, andwee (hall beeheard: When there was a fpeech among force holy men (as you know that man that was named in the ftory: what was the be fl trade, hee an fweredbeggerie; It is the hardeft, and it is the richeft trade. Nowhe vnde7{lands it nor, of M 2 common