Preston - BV824 P73 1631

4 _ . 84 The third Sermón common beggery (for that is thepoorel and eafeft trade that condition hee puts in) but ,faith;he) I vnderllan.d it of a prayer to Gcd, that kind ofbeggerie I meane ; whichas it is the hardeft, nothing more hard then topray to- Godas weought, Sowithall there is this com- fort in it , it is the richett trade ofall others, there is noway to inrich our felues fo much, with all the promifes that belong either to this life, or to that which is to come: Even as you feeamong men , a Courtier, a Favorite in the Court, gets more by one fuir, (it may be,) then a Tradfinan,or Merchant, or husbandman gets ° with twenty yeares labour,. though hee takes much paines; for one requeft may bring more profit, maymake a Courtier richer, then fo many yeares labour &paines: So in like cafea C, ç h ¡ faithfull prayer, put vp to God, may morepre - vaile withhim , wee may obtain& more at his hands by it, then by many yeares labour, or vfing many ineanes, and therefore it is a rich trade , andgreat priviledge., a priviledge that we cannot thinke enough of, that wee cannot efteeme enough. Youhave heard ofa noble man in this Kingdome , that had a Ring given him by the rseene ,. with this promife , that if he fènt that Ring to her, at any time when hee was indiftreife, the would remember him and deliver him; This was a great priviledge from a Prince, and yet you fee, what that was fiab-; hemight be inEacha dittrea,when neither