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The Intranquillity ofthe Church. , place you fball fec heapes of lime,and morter,inanother piles oftimber, every where rude, and indigefied mate- rials, and a tumukuary noife of axes and hammers, but at length the artificer lets every thing in order and raifeth up a beautiful! aruaure : fuch is the proceeding ofthe Lord in the affliaions and vaaations of his Church, hough the enemie intend to ruine it , yet God intends onelyto repaire it. Thus farreas Donee refpeas Chrifis Kingdome in it felfe. Nowkit refpelletb the enemies ofChrill , it notes, Fitt+, Themefentinconfionmatenep of theviElories, and by confecidence the intranquillityof Chrifis Kingdoms here upon the earth. All his enemies are not yet under his feete,Satan is not yet Phut up;the rageof hell,the per- fecutions and policies ofwicked men, the prefent immu- nity ofdefperate !inners , are evidences that Chrift bath yet much worke to.doe in his Church. But cloth not the Apofile fay, that all things are put sander hisfeete ? Eph.1.22. It istruepoad judiciariampoteflatem, but not roadexercitiumpoteflatis.Hee (hall not receive any new power to fubdue his enemies , which bee bath not already; but yet-heecan execute that power when and how bee will. And hee is pleated to fuffer his enemies in this refpiteoftheir reprivall to rage, and revile, and per- fecute him in his members. Every wicked man is con- demned already, and hath the wrath of God abiding uponhint, lob. 3.1 8.36. ()nay Chria doth fufpend the execution ofchem for many weighty reafons. As fir{}, to Phew hispatience and long Coffering towards theveffels ofwrath, for bee ever comes firawith an offer ofpeace, before hee dravves the csord, Rom. 2.4. Rom, 9.22. 13..Lrik,io.s,ii. Secondly, to magnifie the power of his proteaion and providence over the Church in the mida of their' enemies , for if the Lord were not on the Churches fide when man rifeth up againa it, if bee did not rebuke the proudwaves,and let them 91 VERSE I.