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godsunmet:hatepaver. 101 S E I. the weight whereof fhall peradventure lye heavier upon them, thanall the other torments which they are to fuf fer,when they (bill lookc on theifelves as fcorned and abhorred exiles from the favour and prefence ofhim that made them. For as the wickeddid here hate God, and let their hearts and their courfes againft him introater- no in all that time which God permitted them to lime in: fo God will hate wicked men, and let his face and fury againfi them in fro&erne too, as long as he (hall be - Judge ofthe world. Thirdly, this may be feene in the inchoations of hell in wicked menupon the earth. When the doore of the confcience is opened and that fin,which lay there aileepe before, rifeth up like an enraged Lion to fly upon the foule, when the Lord fullers Tome flarnes of his glitte- ring (word to breake in like lightening upon the Spirit, and to amaze a (inner with the pledges and firft fruits of hell, whenhe melteth the flout hearts of men, and grin- deth them untopowder, what is all this but the fecret touch of Gods owne finger upon the confcience ? For there is no creature in the world whole miniflerie the heart cloth difcerne in the efluations and invifiblc wor- kings ofa guilty and unquiet fpirit. Fourthly, the torments of wicked angels whence can they come? there is no Creature firongenough to lay upon them a fufficient recompence ofpaine for their finne again(( the Majeflie of God. And for the difputes of Schoole-men touching corporal' fire in hell, and the manner ofelevating and applying corporall agents to workeupon fpiritualliubflances theyare but the intem- peratenicicies ofmen ignorant Ofthe Scriptures, and of the terrour of the Lord, who is himfelfe a confuming fire. The divels acknowledge Chrift their Tormentor, and that when hee did nothing but rebuke them : there was nofire, nor any othercreature by himapplied, but onely the Majefly ofhisowne word, power,andperfon, H 3 which