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Chril s Regalities. AMOIWIMalt..111.10 yosawme.....a.r* WZSX.(rriVtjTetrZM5VMUZNY6 PAVrailK9AMM4ff P''-97a7;3aM VERSE Z. 127 VERSE 2. The Lordfltafl find the Rodof thy firengib out of Sion : Rule thou in themilsofthine enemies. His Verfe is a continuation of the former touching the Kingdome of Chrifi ; and it containes the forme of its fpirituall adminifiration. Wherin is fecretly couched another of the Offices ofChrift,nainely hisProphe- ticall Office. For that is as it were the difpenfation and executionofhis regall Office in the militant Church. The fumme of this Adminifiration confifls in two principall thigs : Fira, in matters mili- tary , for the fubduing ofeneinies, and for the defence andproteaionofhis people. Secondly,in matters civil! and judiciall for thegovernment,prefervation andhonor of his Kingdome. And both thefe are in this Pfalme, The former in the latter part ofthis verfe, Rule thouin the midfl oftbine enemies. The other in the third verfe, Thy people /hall he willing , (1,1.. and the wayofcom- pairing and effeding in the former words ofthisverfe, The Lord Pall fend forth the Rod of thy firengthout of Sion. EveryKing bathhis jonaRegoi/kcertaine roiall prero- gatives and peculiar honors proper to his owneperfon) which no man can ufe but with fubordination unto him. And ifwee obferve themwee (hall finde many of them as exa5ly belong unto Chrift in his Kingdome as to any fecular prince in his. Firff,untoKings doebelong Armamentdri4 paiblica, the Magazins for military pro- viGon, and the power and difpofition ofpubhke armes. There- Greg.Tholof de Repub. bb.9, cap.I.