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118 VER s E 2. Ron). r3.4. 1 San1.1 0.16,17. Ga1.6.z. Iam.z.8. Iam.t. 2 c. Pla1.91.1 r. Prov, 0.29, Erai.z4.13. Rom I 3 6,7. f. 6 8. Chris Regalities. Therefore lite is Paid by the Apofile to Beare theprord, becaufe armes properly belong unto him , and unto others under his altovvance and proteaion. So toChria alone doth belong and in him onely is tobee found the publike armorie ofa Chriaian man. The weaponsofour warfare are mighty onely through him. Nay, lace is himfelle the armour and panoply of a Chritlian , and therefore wee are commanded topot on the Lord lefits. Againe , via publics is via regia ; the high way is the Kings way, wherin every man walketh freely under the proteaion of his Soveraigne. So that Law offaith and.1 obedience under whichwee are to walke,which S.Paul calleth the Law ofChria, is by S. lames calledLexRe- gia, a roiall Law, and a Lawof Lsbertie, in which while any man continueth hee is under the prote6tion ofthe promifes and ofthe Angels ofChrifl. Againe,Nona ade- fpota feu iscerti Domini, Lands that are concealed and under the evident claime of no other perfon or Lord, doe belong unto the Prince,as hee that hath the fuprerne and univerfall dominion in hiscountries. And this is moil certainly true ofChriti in his Kingdome, ifany man can once truly fay, Lord, I am not the fervant ofany other Mafler , noother Kingbath the rightfull dominion , or peaceable poffeflion of my heart, hee may moil truly from thence inferre ; Therefore Lord I am thy fervant, and therefore Lord my heart is thine. True it is Lord our God, that other Lordsbetides thee have had domi- nion over us : but now by thee onely will wee make mentionofthy name. Againe,Vetligalia,and Cenfits,Tri- butes, and Cuflomes, and Teflificationsofhomage and fidelity are perfonall prerogatives belonging unto Prin- ces,and as theApofile faith,Due unto them,forthat Mini. fierie and Office which under God they attend upon. So in Chrifis Kingdome there is a worrhip which the Pfalmift faith is Due unto his name. Theywhich came unto the Temple, which was a typeofChrift, were not to