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136 VEitSE2. bRom.t.x6. c i Cor.2.47. d I Cor.2.8. et firtutat. f A&.3.15. g h Phil 2.16. loh.5 27. kia.12.48. LtIka Luk.2.3o. Efai.6zar. Gen. .I8. Ioh.4.22. n Heb.%. 2,3.. Cor,3.9. ° A. 0.13. P Ak13.46. r zCor.4.6. heToverofthe Well. the Gold dfe-where the b Power of god and thee milt_ dome of God in a myflery to them that are perfe. Again; d aril the Lord ofglory, and-the Gofpell the c Gofpell ofglory; or the glorious Gofpell. f Chrill the princeofltfo, yea the S Wordof life, and the h Goifiell the Wordoflife too.i Chrifl 4 lodge, and the kWordofChrif a lodge too. The word which I have fpoken the fame judge you at the !aft day. I Chrifl a. Saviour and Salvation unto men,rilline eyes have feene thy Salvati- on : And the m gold of Chrifl a Salvation too ; wee know, faith Chrifi to the woman of Samaria, what we worillip, forPrivation is of the Iewes. The forceofthe reafon leads us to underflandby -Salvation the Oracles ofGod which were committed unto that peoplefor out ofthem only it is that we know what and how to wor- fhip, and thisis not unufuall in holy Scriptures. n if the FPord, faith the Apoille,pken by /Ingelswaafiedfal ond every tranlgreffionanddifbbediencereceived aOP recom- pence ofreward: Howfhall we efcape ifwe neglet7 fogreat Salvation,whichat the firf#began tobefpokenby theLord, ? Where we finde Salvation let in oppofition to the Word fpokenby Angels, which was the Lawof God, or the minifierie of condemnation,and therefore it mull needesfignifie the Goipell of Chrifi. 0 'Be it known, tin- 1 toyou, faith the Apoille to the unbeleeviug IeWeS, that the lalvation of God, that is, theGofpell ofGod (as ap- peared) plainely by the like paralell fpcech in P another place) is fent unto the Gentiles, and that they will /mare it. So the A.poille faith that q the engraffed Word is able to fare the fouler ofmen. All which and many other the like particulars note unto us, That as Chrifi is the Power and Image of his Father, fo the Gofpell is in form fort of Chriii : For which reafon the Apoffle, as conceive,calleth the Golpelr the Faceofleft'. ChrifliClod who commanded thehet tothine out o felarke,neffe,hath fhinedinour hearts, togive the light of the knowledge of the